Contract research assignment

Participating IT-students will work on an assignment of 120 or 160 hours at various companies. Such an assignment can be very broad; for example conducting research or implementing/designing a system. It is the ideal way to solve some problems your organization has been facing or to work out an idea which has been on the shelf for a while. The students have much experience with software development and consultancy. Furthermore, it is a great way to introduce senior IT students to your company.

Advertisement on website

The website of our study tour is our main source of information and will be intensively visited by a varied audience before, during and after the trip. We offer place for a logo that will be visible on every page. We also offer companies to create an entire advertisement page.

Advertisement in report

Students’ theme researches are bundled in a preliminary report and their reports during the trip are bundled in a final report. Both digital documents are made available to our faculty, companies we work with and the companies we visit on location. There is room for advertisements in both works.

Lunch lecture for students

In collaboration with our study association Inter-Actief, it is possible to organize a lecture for all members of Inter-Actief. The subject must match the interests and field of study of the students. A fun, interesting topic and a structured promotion can lead to a large turnout.

Mailing to students

To quickly reach a large number of students, we offer a mailing that is sent to (some of) the students of our study association Inter-Actief.


Interested in offering an assignment or another collaboration? We are open to suggestions!

Maarten Meijer
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